What type of courses are you offering?

NIT Academy offers several large groups of courses:

  1. Advanced programming and Embedded programming courses are suitable for those who want to learn the core of systems and perfect their already existing knowledge.
  2. Automotive engineering courses are ideal for software engineers who want to get better-paying jobs or transition into a new discipline.
  3. Consumer electronics courses are great for learning how to construct and program media devices.
  4. Functional safety courses are for motivated engineers who want to be pioneers of the industry's newest and fastest-growing discipline.

Who is eligible for NIT Academy courses?

You can find the requirements for every certificate program on our website or the prior knowledge we expect you to have when entering one of NIT Academy's courses. If someone doesn't have formal education but still wants to get into one of our courses, we will be there along the way for help and guidance.

What can an average student expect to get from one of your programs?

NIT Academy courses will teach you the hidden alleys you would otherwise know only from years of hands-on experience. In addition, experienced professors and well-designed studies will accelerate your career and give you much-needed confidence when applying for jobs. Everyone who finishes one of our courses and gets a certificate will perfect their knowledge and prepare to apply for higher-paying positions and more exciting projects.

What is NIT Academy's connection to UCSD? What does that collaboration mean for students who enrol in your certificate programs?

UCSD (University of California San Diego) and NIT started working together thanks to our highly qualified and experienced engineers. UCSD Senate and Advisory board recognized their ideas, and they agreed on working together on the same goal. Our UCSD labelled courses went through a complete set of procedures and guidelines to match UCSD standards. There are 11 UCSD approved courses and 2 UCSD approved certificate programs here at NIT Academy. This essentially means that you are actually enrolling on a UCSD course by enrolling into one of these courses at NIT Academy.

Who are the instructors behind these courses?

Our instructors are one of NIT Academy's proudest assets, as they are all PhD level university professors with years of academic and industry experience. We believe that people with such qualifications are hard to find nowadays and that we have the best of the best right here. Moreover, 5 of our instructors are UCSD approved, and we plan to keep that number rising.

Are the courses online or offline?

You can take one of our certified courses in two ways. "Live online" is a course model which consists of online courses that are typically happening live, and you actively participate in every lesson. On the other hand, the "Hybrid" course model is quite similar to live online. Still, there is a physical classroom where the instructor is holding a lecture, and you can choose whether you want to be there physically or online since we broadcast the course live through a medium each time we have a class.

What do the NIT Academy courses look like?

Whichever way you choose to attend a course, you can rest assured that you will leave NIT Academy with immense confidence and knowledge gathered. Our programs are designed to make you succeed. Our courses include a hefty amount of hands-on work that will enable you to work in the field immediately after finishing the course. In addition, our instructors have a set number of students in a group, which allows them to dedicate an equal amount of time to each person.

What is the success rate of courses at NIT Academy?

The success rate is currently around 70%, which is relatively high considering our courses aren't the easiest out there. If you work hard and do what is required of you, the chances you fail are highly unlikely. Nevertheless, there are always a few people who stop somewhere along the way due to lack of time, and they are typically the ones who don't pass. Although we have a final exam for each course, it can be retaken twice or even thrice if you happen to fail the first time.