GIT Gerrit

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GIT Gerrit

Learn how to use one of the most common tools for code storage, versioning, and team review.


Gerrit is a web-based code review tool, which is integrated with Git and built on top of the Git version control system which helps developers to work together and maintain the history of their work. It allows merging changes to the Git repository when you are done with the code reviews. In this course, you will be familiarized with these tools and prepared to utilize them in their everyday programming work.

Course topics:

  • Git introductionWhat is Git, basic commands, the Git commit flow;
  • Git immersion – Working with branches on Git and using special commands like rebase, merge, and cherry-pick;
  • Working with external repositories – How to pull or import a remote repository, pushing to remote repositories, distributed workflow;
  • Gerrit introduction –What is Gerrit, integration with Git, changes to the commit flow, specific commands;
  • Gerrit exercises – Covering the complete Gerrit workflow, as a developer or owner user.


Software: SSH client, Chrome browser.

Hardware: Computer with an Internet connection, working speakers, and microphone.

Prior knowledge: Students should have basic knowledge of the Linux command-line.