Modern know-how in

In one place, from A to Z, you can now gain all the required know-how in automotive engineering. Experience modern training programs in software, hardware, AI, standards and processes, crafted specifically for next-generation car industries.

Delivering excellence in a breeze

Do you feel like you need wizardry to assemble a high-quality team that can handle the challenges of modern automotive projects? We have all been there. You need to cope with the required processes and standards, safety constraints, company qualification, specific software frameworks and expensive tools, custom interfaces, etc. This requires companies and individuals 3-5 years of their valuable time. This is way too much time for the current pace of automotive industry developments.

NIT Academy will equip your team with all the required automotive know-how in 3-6 months. We use original, modern education approaches, hands-on labs and expert-level mentorship, packed in a program of carefully crafted automotive engineering courses. Your team will feel both experienced and knowledgeable when executing projects and talking to customers and stakeholders.

Automotive software with AUTOSAR

Learn to develop software for vehicles using the most common framework of today.

Automotive Quality and Project Management

Learn what it takes to qualify for automotive development respecting VDA and ASPICE processes, and master the required ALM tools.

Modern C++

Develop great software models and applications for cars by using modern dialects of C++, such as C++ 17.

Functional Safety Standards for Automotive

Apply ISO 26262 and SOTIF to the systems you design and also to hardware and software for safety in automotive.


NIT Academy team is the right partner on your journey to success in the automotive
engineering arena.

Expert instructors

Experienced team of agile industry professionals with PhDs in their fields.

Certified programs

NIT Academy gives courses as a partner of the University of California San Diego and has VDA/intacs certification tracks enabled.

Efficient learning

Master a course area while working in a month’s time.

Modern didactics

We use modern digital materials combined with live, mentored, hands-on work. One of a kind experience!

Custom training paths

Let us talk and craft a training path that best suits you and your teams and create your custom journey.

Learning risk is on us

We will be transparent and take responsibility for your learning outcomes. Not keeping up in class - we will reimburse the cost.

Sit back and relax while we take on the full
responsibility for upskilling your teams.


We are proud to be able to serve the automotive industry companies and to be recognized in the growing community of automotive professionals.

B2B clients

We are a preferred training partner for several distinguished automotive companies, such as TTTech, Audi, Aptiv and Draexlmaier.

1000+ participants

Last year alone we held 74 course instances for more than a thousand engineers.


We have accredited several automotive programs with University of California San Diego.

Certified instructors

Our instructors have degrees in the required fields with additional formal certification in safety and automotive processes.

“Instructors are really fantastic, they
hold attention and are excellent
experts in the subject matter”

Bojan Petrusic, Software engineer