Next-Generation Vehicles and Architectures

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Next-Generation Vehicles and Architectures

Get introduced to modern vehicles, their functions, architecture, and most common technical designs.


This course will give you the first introduction to typical vehicle architecture, including body, chassis, powertrain, domain controllers, sensors, software, and interfaces. You will understand the problems behind each of the architecture parts and gain the required skills to address those problems.


Course topics:

  • Overall vehicle architecture
  • Main vehicle development trends
  • Powertrain, chassis and body parts
  • Domain controllers
  • Vehicle interfaces
  • Vehicle sensors
  • Vehicle software
  • Use cases for next generation vehicles
  • Example and small project: build your first autonomous driving function for a vehicle system


Software: Chrome browser.

Hardware: Computer with an Internet connection, working speakers, and microphone.

Prior knowledge: Basic degree in any engineering major.