Basics of C++

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Basics of C++

The course gives participants an introduction to the main elements of the C++ programming language.


Gain a fundamental understanding of language features such as classes, inheritance, function overloading, references, templates, lambda expressions, etc. Furthermore, learn the standard library features, like containers, algorithms, and iterators.


Course Topics:

  • Abstraction and basic elements of language
  • User-defined types, variables, functions, namespaces
  • Inheritance and polymorphism (example graphic library)
  • Pointers, C-style arrays, vectors
  • More about vectors, templates, STL
  • More about STL: list, set, map, algorithms
  • Move semantics, smart pointers, design patterns


Software: IDE with C++ compiler (e.g Visual Studio Code, CMake, and C++ compiler such as clang, g++ etc.).

Hardware: Computer with an Internet connection, working speakers, and microphone.

Prior knowledge: Participants should have basic knowledge of programming, be able to write simple programs in some programming language, build them and run them in a development environment.