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Project Manager

Project management on steroids. One certificate program to build a new career in three months. Become an Automotive Project Manager and apply for a job position immediately. No programming skills are required.

Delivering excellence in a breeze

NIT Academy created a first-of-a-kind bundle that will teach you Automotive project management, agile methodologies, QA procedures with ASPICE, and safety-relevant procedures so that you can apply for the specific APM position immediately after finalizing our three-month program. We will even help you create your application and forward it directly to your prospective employer.

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Number of classes:

120 classes
(90 work hours)


Live sessions
after work hours




Project management fundamentals

At the program start, you will get introduced to the world of project management through role-play and gamification from Prof. Uwe Strohbeck of the TU Rosenheim. You will become fully familiar with concepts such as planning, milestones, Gantt charts, KPIs, trends and monitoring of your example project. Gain a hands-on experience in project planning and project control and conquer the challenges of project management.

Automotive quality and project management

Next, you will find out what is needed to define, execute and track projects specifically in the automotive arena. After grasping the basic QA concepts, you will get into ASPICE, understand its levels and all the basic procedures which are required in automotive projects. Unlock this field through a set of real-world exercises based on automotive ALM tools, with our instructor, Dr. Dragana Djordjevic, who is an intacs-certified ASPICE assessor.

Product development with SCRUM

You will get into agile development in the SCRUM framework, and learn how to successfully apply it to an automotive project. Stay out of the usual misconception that SCRUM can be applied everywhere and in the same way - automotive is very strict in processes and procedures and only instructors like Dr. Nenad Cetic of TTTech Auto who use it every day can uncover all the hidden gems of agile vs automotive.

Introduction to ISO 26262

Finally, we will give you safety on a platter by practicing safety processes with our TUV-certified, Vienna and Grenoble-schooled Prof. Dr. Bogdan Pavkovic. You will cover the basics of functional safety, including the important ISO 26262 standard in automotive. You will see how project management and safety go hand-in-hand, and understand concepts such as hazard and risk assessment, safety integrity and final safety case.

Why choose us?

Efficient learning

NIT Academy created an on-point program covering only what is required, with an abundance of exercises, hands-on work and live discussions. You can still work and learn and be at the finish line in approximately 3 months.

Automotive PM is in big demand

Take a great path into engineering, even if your background is outside of IT/programming areas. All that is required to enroll is an abstract mindset, good command in English and a willingness to put in effort over the course of 10 weeks - the rest is on us.

We will help you find a job

We collaborate with a number of companies from the automotive industry already, many of which are our partners. All successful participants will be recommended, and their CVs will be forwarded to relevant representatives.

Modern didactics

We use modern digital materials combined with live, mentored, hands-on work. One of a kind experience!

Certified programs and instructors

All our programs and instructors have certifications and accreditation from world-leading universities and bodies, such as the University of California San Diego, TUV, intacs and Scrum alliance. They are also Ph.D. level experts in their respective fields.

Learning risk is on us

In case you change your mind and find it hard to follow through, let us know in the first two weeks in the program and we will get your money back. We will be transparent and take responsibility for your learning outcomes.

Take this unique opportunity to advance your
career and enjoy the process.


We are proud to be able to serve the automotive industry companies and to be recognized in the growing community of automotive professionals.

Our automotive partners

We are a preferred training partner for several distinguished automotive companies, such as TTTech, Audi, Aptiv and Draexlmaier.

1000+ participants

Last year alone we held 74 course instances for more than a thousand engineers.


We have accredited several automotive programs with University of California San Diego.

Certified instructors

Our instructors have degrees in the required fields with additional formal certification in safety and automotive processes.

“Instructors are really fantastic, they
hold attention and are excellent
experts in the subject matter”

Bojan Petrusic, Software engineer

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